Baby (0-2 years)

You may, out of love and concern, want to give me more food than I need. If I don’t show signs of hunger, please don’t feed me, even if it seems I’m not eating enough. # Why is it important? The baby learns to distinguish between love and food. Improving the mother’s adjustment to the baby’s needs.

Sadness and mood swings are common after giving birth. But if you keep feeling sad, guilty, tired, out of focus and melancholy, I suggest you talk to your doctor about it # Why is it important? For further support see a specialist who may offer assistance in coping with postnatal mood swings.

I can’t tell you what my dreams are about yet, but sometimes they can wake me up and even make me cry. Help me relax and fall back asleep # Why is it important? When the baby is certain that s/he will be calmed during the night, s/he learns to trust the world and overcome bad dreams and fears at a later stage.

Everyone likes feeling strong and powerful. When I drop things it’s my way of feeling like that, so try to give me non-fragile things I can drop # Why is it important? Discovering the child’s inner world and the way in which s/he plays at this particular age. The sense of control over his/her actions boosts the child’s self-esteem.

When I try to sit it strengthens my muscles. These attempts are my home gym. Let me sit up by myself and it’ll also help my confidence # Why is it important? Supporting the baby’s newly- acquired motor skills and allowing him/her to test them increases his/her self-confidence.

Mom & dad, I love you more than anyone. You’ve been with me from the very start and make me feel safe. So please stay close to me if a stranger comes # Why is it important? Coping with fear of strangers. Confirming that the parents are still important to the baby. Even when the baby becomes more independent, s/he still requires the parents’ presence.

I’m bigger and can do so many things. Look mommy, I can talk on the phone! I get excited every time I do something new – share my excitement and show me how proud you are of me! # Why is it important? By acknowledging and admiring the baby’s new abilities, s/he learns to trust these abilities and becomes more confident.

When you’re not here during food or bed time I can get insecure. Explain that you’re coming back and leave me a toy I like to help me cuddle with and calm down # Why is it important? Familiarity with the child’s inner world makes it easier to understand his/her behavior. Ways for easing separation from the mother.

I don’t want to wear that pooh bear shirt, and when you try to put it on me I object. Try to see what I want, and maybe try another shirt # Why is it important? Attentiveness to the child’s wishes, when these do not involve breaking the boundaries, boost his/her self-esteem.

Don’t leave me alone with my toys too much. it’s nice, but I need to play with you as well. We can choose a toy or make funny sounds and movements together! # Why is it important? Playing with the mother is important. Ideas for such forms of play are provided.

Mommy, you know actions speak louder than words. You want me to have a banana? let’s have it together! It’s more fun and sets a good example # Why is it important? The mother learns that setting a personal example on enjoying food develops the baby’s wish to do the same.

Mommy, daddy, I’m trying to learn how to talk. It would really help if when I point at something, you’ll look at it too and tell me it’s name # Why is it important? Tips on helping to develop the baby’s speech.

I’m stubborn, I know. But pick your battles, and cut me some slack every once in a while. # Why is it important? At this age the child begins to understand they are an independent entity with their own wishes. When the parent understands this, they can accept the child’s behavior as part of their budding independence and not see it as spiteful or simply stubborn behavior.

I love doing the same things again and again and in the same way, because it makes me feel safe and in control # Why is it important? Familiar things are expected and thus relaxing.

When you tell me to behave, I misbehave on purpose just to see how much I can get away with # Why is it important? The child learns about rules and boundaries in the house in an atmosphere of cooperation and fun and not in an atmosphere of criticism.

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